Peggy Porschen Academy

Peggy Porschen and her incredible work first came on to my radar in 2009, shortly after getting engaged. With every bridal magazine absorbed as we endeavoured to create our dream wedding, it became clear that despite a vast array of choice only one cake designer stood out. We met Peggy’s team at the Designer Wedding show at Battersea and a subsequent tasting in her studio confirmed our decision. We selected Peggy’s classic Tiffany Piped Pearl design and it really lived up to our expectation.


In 2013 I decided to take my interest in cake more seriously and I set about looking for courses to refine my skills to a more professional level. After lots of research I discovered that if I wanted to learn how to create beautifully crafted cakes, made with precision, attention to detail and incredible sugar floristry, then the Peggy Porschen Academy fitted the bill. I enrolled on their five week diploma and at the time had no idea of the fabulous experience that would be in store.

From the moment I arrived at the Academy I knew I had come to the right place. It was a real treat to be surrounded by like-minded students, all trying to hone their skills and push themselves to the next level. The academy staff have created a wonderful environment to learn in and the expert tutelage covered a broad spectrum of topics. The course itself was split into four segments; baking and layering, decorating techniques, industry know how and sugar flowers. Indeed, it was the sugar floristry course that really captured my attention and as you will see from my wedding cake gallery, this has become something of a passion in itself.

Training at the Peggy Porschen Academy was a privilege and I will undoubtedly return in the future to further my repertoire. When you learn from the best it inspires and motivates you to raise the bar and exceed you own expectations.




DSC_348Tiffany Pearl PP training5

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