Introducing AVEC AMIS

I am incredibly proud and excited to announce the launch of Avec Amis.

From an early age I was introduced to the pleasure derived from baking by both my mother and maternal grandmother. I have very fond memories of watching pans of homemade jam bubble away and helping to make an assortment of cakes. This interest remained very much a hobby throughout my twenties, while I built a successful career within the fashion industry.

For just over a decade I was immersed in luxury fashion, being fortunate enough to work for arguably the world’s leading Italian lingerie brand. During this time I was surrounded by creations of beauty and exposed to a world where garments were treated like works of art. It was here that I learned about lace, embroidery and fabric, something that has certainly transferred to my cake designs.

When planning my own wedding in 2009, our cake choice was important to me. Amongst the vast array of cake designers, one stood out: Peggy Porschen. Her refinement, attention to detail and exquisite sugar floristry were second to none. I have followed her career closely ever since and she will always be an inspiration. So when deciding to change direction in 2013 and turn my cookery passion into a way of living, there was only one place I wanted to train. I completed my Professional Cake Maker Master Diploma at the Peggy Porschen Academy in 2014, where I developed my knowledge of baking and sugar skills. Over the last year I have designed and developed my current collection, and Avec Amis was born.

Lets see where the journey takes me…




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Introducing AVEC AMIS
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