Emilia’s birthday

I’m not usually one to write about my daughter, however, Emilia’s choice of cake for her third birthday is easily my favourite celebration cake design of the many I have created to date and as such I felt it deserved a mention.

Emilia is like so many young girls and loves anything in pink and simply everything linked to princesses. When I asked her what cake she would like mummy to make for her birthday, her instant response was a ‘princess castle’. As with any young child, innocence breeds brutal honesty and she is not afraid to tell me if something isn’t quite to her liking. So I set about the task of creating a fabulous castle that was truly fit for a princess.

The cake design came to me very quickly, however the execution took a little longer than I had expected. The seven turrets were painstakingly tiled, battlements were added to each tier and flowers were individually created and set amongst hand piped trailing vines.

Emilia’s reaction to her cake made the effort and attention to detail worthwhile. An elated birthday girl had a wonderful centre piece to her princess party and keeps asking when I can make another. The only question I am left with is ‘what on earth will I make her next year?!’

Emilia's Princess Castle cake

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